Back In Action On Fridays

After a partially rained out first week, the second week of games had amazing weather and even better games.
For the first game of the night, Sets on the Beach took on All About That Ace. During the first set All About that Ace was able to go on a 6 point run, acquiring a huge lead to start the set out with. However, Sets on the Beach was not going to give up that easily, coming from behind to tie the game up at 20. With every point counting, both teams played to the best of their abilities. However, All About That Ace was able to pull away a narrow victory for the first set. Wanting to keep their dreams alive, Sets on the Beach came back with hits and strategy, providing them a second set win.  On to the third set, both teams gave it their all, making it a close match to not only play in but to watch. In the final rallies of the game, All About that Ace was able to narrowly defeat Sets on the Beach 15-13, winning the game 2-1.
During the second game of the night, Balls and Dolls took on Kiss My Ace. Balls and Dolls controlled the lead most of the first set, but Kiss My Ace saw a hole in their defense and took advantage of the situation, squeaking by with a 25-24 win. On to the second set, Balls and Dolls refused to go down without a fight and dominated the entire set. Kiss My Ace was not able to handle their margarita break between the first and second sets and lost 25-7, leading to a 3rd set. Both teams had strategy going into the third set, but the wind had other ideas. Though it was a close and hard fought game, Balls and Dolls was able to win the third set, creating a 2-1 victory.