Champions Crowned! (Friday’s)


Date Ace Doe


Our Championship trek started with four teams this evening, each vying for an opportunity to hoist up that coveted banner. First, Bumpin Uglies took care of Sand Ninjas 2-1 in our first semifinal match. In the second semifinal, Notorious DIG was swept by the tough Dat Ace Doe. This would set up a Finals match between Date Ace Doe and Bumpin Uglies.


Both teams were evenly matched up for this sure to be exciting match. Both teams communicated very well and had some great offense and defense. The teams split the first two sets to set up a much anticipated set three!  This was a battle from the beginning as both teams had long rallies and went point for point. Then the elements kicked in as the wind picked up and certainly had effect on the ball. Dat Ace Doe was able to make the best adjustment to it and they were rewarded. Dat Ace Doe raises the Championship banner tonight!



Congratulations to Dat Ace Doe, and thank you to all of our teams for being a blast this season! We look forward to doing it again soon!