Champions Crowned! (Wednesday’s)

Safe Sets


To dig, or not to dig, that was the question tonight in SSC’s newest sport, mud volleyball! Mother Nature graced us with about three consecutive days of rain, and our sand was, a bit mushy, to say the least. Nonetheless, our troops (players) rallied and had a great time in the final playoffs of the year!


In what had been set up to be a fantastic playoff series, tonight seven teams took to the mud (sand) and hoped for their opportunity to hoist that coveted banner. We began with the 2v7 match-up, Spiked Punch and Safe Sets. Spiked Punch, normally a three-hit machine, couldn’t find a rhythm as they slipped and slid across the court. In the surprise of the night, number seven advanced to the semis. Opposite them in the 3v6, higher seed Volley Llamas would take care of TRE Attack Pack.

In the semis, Safe Sets would then take on the third-seeded Volley Llamas and continue their scrappy play, all the way to another upset win that would put them in the finals! Our other semis match featured a shorthanded fifth seed, Bump Set Chug, against our top-seeded Awkward Sets. Awkward, also too distraught by the conditions and off their regular game, lost a close match as Bump Set Chug advanced to the Championship!

In a bizarre turn of events, our Championship game consisted of a 5v7 match-up, a perfect example of the phrase, “Why we play the game”! Set one was a back and forth serving affair with each team making small runs one after another. Safe had just enough to pull off the first set victory, 25-22. Set two seemed to be much more even as neither team could establish much of a run. It featured good rallies with the help of pretty solid defense. In another tight set, Bump Set Chug took set two to force a decisive third! Mind you, it is wet, cold and everyone is playing in mud, so these elements obviously took this finale to another level! After Bump scored the first point of the third set, Safe went on a four-point run. Bump would rally as they do have a number of vets, which would force Safe to call the emergency time-out. It was during this break that Safe could recoup. After returning to action, Safe would tie the game, then take the lead all the way to a final score of 15-12! They’ve done it! The number seven seed Safe Sets has won the Championship! Congratulations!


It was a crazy one out here tonight, which only added to the fun. We would like to congratulate Safe Sets, and also give a big thank you to all of our great teams and spectators. We will be taking a short hiatus from sand volleyball for the next couple of months, but make sure to rejoin us again near spring break! Check the SASSC website for details!