Champs Crowned! (Thursday’s)


I’d Hit That


Our Super Social Playoffs were full of some great games! Every game went to three sets and there were plenty of upsets along the way. Everyone played the heart out, but it came down to I’d Hit That vs Dat Ace Tho, and it was an awesome match! Both teams had played two hard fought matches before to make it to the finals and neither team backed down from the challenge. Both teams had a fan base cheering for them from friends and remaining players they beat to get there. After splitting the first two sets, they started set three and both teams were pumped up after every point. Neither team wanted to let the ball hit the ground and they went point for point and with the game tied at 14 to 14, I’d Hit That showed why the went undefeated this season and took the Super Social Championship in a very great game.



Strike Force
Social Playoffs were just as good as well, all of tonight’s matches went to three sets and every team played and left everything on the court. The final came down to Grip it N Rip it and Strike Force, and they both played like this was for a gold medal. Both teams were evenly matched up and after splitting the first two sets, we started the third set and just like Super Social, they went point for point. With a 15 to 15 tie, Strike Force took revenge on Grip it n Rip It beat them and won their first Championship in over three years!

Congrats to I’d Hit That and Strike Force for become our Fall Sand Volleyball Champs. Thank you to all of our great spectators and teams! We look forward to doing it all again soon!