Champs of the Sand! (Wednesday’s)

Another great season of sand volleyball has come to a close! It was one of celebration, and on of heartbreak for others. No matter where a team finished, it was more about the journey and the fun, laughs and great times on Wednesday nights! Thank you to all of our great teams and spectators this season! We look forward to doing it again soon!



It was a serious night as teams meant business, but it was a still a fun one! Even teams knocked out of the tournament early stuck around to watch the later games.



How I Set Your Mother


In our Super Social Division, the winner be decided by a grueling third set, but let’s see how we got there! First, Just the Tip knocked out the Volley Llamas in two sets. On the other court, May The Spike Be With you fell just short against Dig in a Box, 2-1. In the semis, Dig in a Box put up a good fight against How I Set Your Mother, but fell in the third. Likewise, Super Antisocial won in two sets over Just the Tip to advance to the championship game. In the Championship, we would see two great teams who actually faced off in Week Six as two 5-0’s! That edge went just barely to Mother in that match. This one would be intense from the get-go as Super would take the first set 25-23; Mother would follow up by taking the second set 25-17. The third set would have everyone on the edge of their seat, but would ultimately tilt in Mother’s favor, 15-13. Congratulations How I Set Your Mother!




Spiked Punch

Our Social Division began with semifinals and Spiked Punch knocking off You Got Served in two sets; Bumpin’ Uglies had a grat game with Awkward Sets and won 2-1 to advance. The finals between Bumpin’ Uglies and Spiked Punch was no new sight. These teams have seem to have developed a (friendly) rivalry, with both teams having been in the same game twice before; each team winning one. Spiked, still down a key player due to injury earlier in the season, knew they’d have to be on their game against the tough Uglies. That they were in the first set as it was close, but won 25-19. The second set was another intense battle, but also in Spiked’s favor, 25-23. Congratulations Spiked Punch!