Consensual Sets! (Thursday’s)


No Fue Penal


Our Social Team of the Week is No Fue Penal. They had a great BBQ out and played very hard and had a lot of fun doing it.


That’s What She Set vs No Fue Penal
This was a very good and close game, both teams came ready to play and had a lot of laughs along the way. Both teams know each other very well and even BBQ’d together before the match. The game was a battle from the beginning with both teams trading points back and forth constantly. Neither team wanted to give up a point and it went down to the wire in both sets as they were very close. It was the second set that would also tilt in No Fue’s favor as they won 27-25 and sealed the match.

Sand Jobs vs Stirista
This was another close and exciting game with both teams matched up pretty evenly and neither team wanting to give up on any plays. This match sported some very long rallies and we saw both teams diving all over the court, conceding nothing. But tonight Sand Jobs squeaked out the win and got by to beat Stirista. Though it went to Sand Jobs, Stirista isn’t a team to take lightly and their playoff opponent should certainly be worried.

Good Luck to everyone and lets end the season strong.