Dirty Sets! (Friday’s)

Straight Bumpin It and Sand Blasters played neck and neck during the first set. Small mistakes put Sand Blasters behind and gave Straight Bumpin It the win. During the second set, both teams were scoring points in streaks each time one team pulling ahead slightly in front of the other. With quick returns, Sand Blasters was able to win the second set. The last set, Straight Bumpin It maintained good control of the ball and produced some hard serves that Sand Blasters just couldn’t get under. Straight Bumpin It brought home their second win of the season.


Sand Blasters was fresh off of a first game loss. After a few minutes to chill, they came back on the court with some new energy. They were able to stay ahead on points for both sets. Not surprising as the team was making some awesome plays with kick saves and hard spikes at the net. Sets on the Beach just wasn’t able to come back from the large lead that Sand Blasters had over them for either of the sets. Sand Blasters ultimately won the match 2-0.