Dirty Sets! (Wednesday’s)


You Got Served


The atmosphere was electric as ever Wednesday night at Factory of Champions as teams took to the sand with a chance to set themselves up for the back half of the fall sand volleyball season where the playoffs loom after the regular season.


The highlight match of the night was the one that started the night off in what one social clubber described as “a battle between orange versus lime sherbet”. Of course I’m talking about the two colorful teams, You Got Served and Bumpin’ Uglies, who are colorful both in shirt color and in character on and off the sand. On the sand, You Got Served were the ones who got the upper hand early in the set jumping out to an early lead. Bumpin’ Uglies fought back to make it respectable but the lead was too much as You Got Served pulled away to take the first set. Finally feeling warmed up physically, Bumpin’ Uglies made the second set a dog fight and the match would stay that way through the end of the match as neither team was willing to give any ground in what proved to be the closest of any match we had tonight. It wasn’t pretty, but Bumpin’ Uglies pushed the match to a pivotal third set and kept it close until late in the match when You Got Served buckled down to captured a slim lead and kept Bumpin’ Uglies at arm’s length to capture the 15th point and breath a huge sigh of relief in a hard fought victory. So for a game that was described as orange versus lime sherbet, it was those watching who got the tasty treat in this three set thriller. Cold drinks were the reward for both teams after the match as they watched other teams hit the sand to keep the action as electric as their own match as the rest of the evening was just as eventful.


Teams will return to the sand next week to continue the season and the march towards the playoffs in on. Cheers!