Familiar Faces (Wednesday’s)


Our Social Team of the Week is Net Raiders II! A familiar group of SSC faces (but new to Wednesday’s), this team comes out each week, beers ready!


This week, our Social Team of the Week, Net Raiders II, took on Sherlock Homies, a team with a couple of familiar faces. Sherlock is here for the beer. Net Raiders II took the early lead in both sets, and was able to close out the game quickly in two sets.


Opposite them, we had a great game in Spiked Punch and Hit It & Quit It. Both of these teams were hungry for a competitive game, and tonight delivered. Rallies would go so long, there were times when both forgot which team served. It was an incredible defensive game that really came down to mistakes. After splitting the first two sets, Spiked Punch found a way to set themselves up consistently and force Hit It & Quit It to their heels. Hit It & Quit It became a bit more conservative against a team that you cannot take that approach, and Spiked Punch took advantage. They took the third set, 15-9.