Final Stretch! (Tuesday’s)

Our Social Team of the Week was Sets Machine who had a great game and played very hard and very well. Their hard work has earned them a second place position in the standings heading into Week Six! Despite their competitive play, they are always social and a joy to play!



Sets Machine vs Ace Inhibitors
We kicked off the night off with two very social teams who like to have fun, but also want to win. Both teams were evenly matched up and the game started off with a lot of long rallies. Though there were good serves, there was great defense on both sides leading to many long points. Despite the even match-up, this would come down to a game of runs and tonight Sets Machine was able to stay consistent take the victory in two sets.

Block Party vs Talk to the Sand
Another great game against two veteran teams who have being playing with us for a while now. Talk to the Sand started off really well and came to play and had Block Party on there heels for a while, but then Block party went back to their style of volleyball and started to communicate with each other and began to rally. It was tough fought on both sides, but this game went to Block Party and their great offensive attack in two sets.

Good luck to everyone in the final week of the season next week!