Final Week! (Friday’s)

Sand ninjas (2)

Sand Ninjas


Social Team of the week was Sand Ninjas even in defeat, they were very social and had a blast not only with themselves, but several other teams. They have always been a team to have smiles on their faces and drinks in their hands.



Sand Ninjas vs Bumping Uglies
This was a great game from the start. Both teams came out very positive and ready to play. Bumping Uglies started off really fast and put Sand Ninjas on their toes, but they bounced back and began a rally of their own to claw their way back into the game. Both teams were hustling all over the court and didn’t give up on any play, but in the end Bumping Uglies took the victory in two sets.



It’s been a great season on Friday night’s here at Mainland and we look forward to another great season soon! Check the SASSC website for more details!