Final Week! (Thursday’s)

no fue penal (1)

No Fue Penal


Strike Force vs Hold My Beer and Watch This
We started the night off with two of our very fun teams who like to joke around and have fun. Strike Force came ready to play tonight because everything they did was working. From their serves, their stingy defense, and the always effective offensive attack of bump, set, spike. Hold My Beer & Watch This had nothing for them and couldn’t figure out how to stop them and went down in two sets.
Kiss My Ace vs Diggaz with Attitude
This was a very great game because both teams were very hungry and wanted this win. Kiss My Ace came out and had some great runs and had Diggaz on their heels, but they bounced back and began to play their game. Neither team wanted to back down and the game came down to who made the least amount of errors in crunch time and in the end, Diggaz with Attitude took the victory.

Pop Pop vs No Fue Penal
This was our last game of the night, and it was a fun one. No Fue Penal, as always, arrived early with the grill and no shortage of food. Pop Pop came out and played their regular game, but under estimated No Fue Penal’s hustle and drive as this became a great game. Both teams had some great defensive plays and some crazy long rallies, but in the end Pop Pop (Boom) took the victory.


Good luck to everyone who made the playoffs!