Final Week! (Thursday’s)


Mita’s Balls


Week Six and things got good in the final week!


That’s What She Set vs Mita’s Balls
Started the night off with two teams that both are veteran teams and have played with us for a long while. That’s what She Set were missing a few players and it showed in the game and Mita’s Balls took advantage of that and went on a bunch of runs and never looked backed and took the victory in two quick sets.

No Dig Gity vs No Fue Penal
This was a exciting game to watch as well another two teams that are veteran teams that have played with us for awhile and are very social. Both teams came ready to play and were communicating very well and hustling for every ball. They split the first two sets and went to a third and that’s when things got good because both teams never gave up on any play and we had some very long rallies. But in the end No Dig Gity took the victory and ended the season on a high note and confidence going into next week’s playoffs.

Congrats and good luck to all the teams who made the playoffs!