Final Week! (Tuesday’s)


Sets on the Beach


2 Legit 2 Hit vs Sets on the Beach
This was a great game to watch and both teams were ready to play and pretty evenly matched. Both teams had some great servers and some great defense as well. After splitting the first two sets, they started third and went point for point the entire way. It came down to who wanted and who could minimize the errors, and Sets on the beach had a little more in the gas tank and took the victory in set three.

Serve-Ivors vs SSC Dream Team
This was a game that we have been waiting on all season and it did not disappoint. Both teams came out swinging for fences and had some very long rallies all night long. Neither team would back down from the other. Serve-ivors woudl take the first set by a slim margin, and SSC would follow by taking the second. Onto a third set we went, and it started with SSC Dream Team going on a 12 to 0 run that seemed to just take the life out of the Serve-ivors. In convincing fashion, SSC took the third set by a score of 15-3. The victory gave Serve-ivors their first loss of the season.

Good luck to everyone who made playoffs!