Final Week! (Wednesday’s)

That’s a wrap, of the regular season at least! Thanks to our new formatting, Week Six isn’t the end. Everyone will be out here one last time next week (until next season), and it sounds like the grills will be blazing next Wednesday night! It was a great one tonight, and we’re already excited for the playoffs next week!



Our Social Team of the Week goes to Sets on the Beach! After a tough start to the season, their progressed immensely, but had trouble getting over that final bump, and tonight they finally succeeded! They’ve been a blast all season long, and tonight they deserve it!



Tonight, our Team of the Week took on a familiar foe, Setsy and We Know. Now, these teams have never played each other before, so one might ask why then, why are they familiar? Well, they all work together! One department versus another, this one was about superior bragging rights! This is both team’s first season with SASSC, so both have been adapting and getting in extra practice all season long.

This one started with a close back-and-forth set. Neither team really pulled away until the end of the set, where Beach would finally get some separation and end the first 25-18. Setsy was coming off their first won set of the season last week, and they, in the second set, found that momentum again as they surly weren’t going to go into the office tomorrow as the losing team. Big serves carried them in the second as Beach just couldn’t return them. Beach made a comeback, but it was too late. 25-22, Setsy.

The crucial third set had everyone on edge from both sides (fans included). Early on, it was all Beach. But, there was a counter from Setsy and tied at 10-10, each point was close. Beach would somehow find a way to squeeze by in this final, 15-12! Great match from both sides!