Final Week! (Wednesday’s)

Awkward Sets


Brrrrr! If it hadn’t felt like fall yet, it sure did tonight! Our players braved what seemed to be arctic temperatures (52 degrees, but in South Texas, they may as well have been), but their spirits never hampered. It was a great Week Six have a Thanksgiving hiatus, and we want to extend a big thank you to all of our great teams this season!


Despite the cold weather, many teams stayed out to have drinks with their teams after their matches! No one left immediately, and many of them made their way over to the Hangar! Our teams have been fantastic in visiting our friends over there, and really taking advantage of the courtesy pitchers!


Our Social Team of the Week for our Week Six is Awkward Sets, one of our veteran teams that play with us many nights a week. Their social attitudes, complimented with their great volleyball skills give them the top seed heading into next week’s playoffs!


In an irony of team names, tonight we feature the Awkward Sets and the Safe Sets. In this one, Awkward found themselves tied for first place while Safe Sets saw themselves on the bubble looking in for a playoff spot. Awkward has been known for its dangerously potent offense that catches fire quickly, even in the cold, cold temperatures. It was no different tonight as they put it all on the line, hoping they could break the tie and sit atop the standings alone. Safe Sets played some of their best volleyball of the season, and with more time together for this free agent team, they will surely be a force. But tonight, it went to the veterans in two straight sets.



Meanwhile, TRE Attack Pack, a team of new faces to SSC, found themselves up against another first place tied team. TRE, also sitting on the bubble, but on the inside, looked to make a statement in this one. They came out and took the first set convincingly, from the Volley Llamas. After also taking a second set lead, the Llamas recomposed themselves and rallied all the way back to a second set victory. Onto the third, and though it started neck and neck, the Llamas found a way to pull out the win.