Finally, the Sun! (Friday’s)

Serving Cerveza

Serving Cervezas


Week two’s stand out team was Serving Cervezas, the individual sign up team that takes their name seriously! With the sun finally making an appearance, it made for a hot and muggy evening! In their first game of the evening, they took on tough, Pop, Lock n Drop Its, who took their name literally as well. With the sun in their eyes, they lost to the Cervezas in the first set. However, with the sun to their backs, Drop Its were able to find the holes in Cerveza’s court. During the third set, the pesky sun helped the Cervezas win the first game of the evening. It also helped that their serves were on point and were able to block what Drop Its was spiking.


During Serving Cerveza’s second game, they took on the strong willed Bumping Uglies, whose three hit game was great. In two intense sets, each team was able to decisively each win one. Bumping Uglies were able to return and rally against the Cervezas to win the second set, taking it to a close third set, putting the game into a nail bitter finish. Cervezas won off a ricocheted ball, keeping their win streak of the night to two. With competition this great, we can’t wait to see what next week will bring!