Hot Sets! (Friday’s)

Just the Tip played against Sets on the Beach this evening. Just the Tip was short two players in the beginning and it proved to be more difficult playing against a fully prepared six player team. Sets on the Beach took no mercy and crushed them 25 to 12. During the second set, Just the Tip gained one more player which seemed to be just what they needed to get them a win 25, to 23. Set three got heated as the teams were neck and neck for the first few points, but Sets on the Beach was able to keep control of the ball better to pull them ahead for a six point lead and an overall win. End result, 15 to 9.



These group of friends/co-workers went head to head tonight in true competitor fashion. Straight Bumpin’ It came into their first set with great serving and passes, helping them to secure the first win 25-15. Ball is Life was not happy about it and cleaned up their game, held their game together and ended up winning the second set 25-18. Point for point the third set ended up being a game of passes, dealing with the wind, and even a few good volleys. However Straight pulled ahead again and won the match 15-13.