Hot Sets! (Wednesday’s)

Nothing but sandy times out here at Factory of Champions on Wednesday nights. As has been the case all season, we saw fantastic volleyball and even some match-ups of undefeateds! Wednesday nights never end early as regardless of game time, teams arrive early and stay late, followed by a trip to the Hangar! With two weeks remaining, we’re in for a treat!




Our Social Team of the Week is Deez Nets! A new super team formed of veteran players of various teams, they always bring out the coolers, never leave till it’s empty, and then make their way over to the Hangar!




Tonight, our Social Team of the Week took on the might Spiked Punch. Punch is a feared name around these parts, and this match would be especially interesting as both teams entered the night undefeated. Right off the bat, there were fantastic rallies all night long. There was consistency from both sides, but the ability for Deez to set up the three hits was the difference in the first set; 25-18. Punch is never one to concede, and they roared back in the second with a strong offense of their own. Spiked would take this one, 25-14. In a heated third set that went back and forth, Deez Nets were finally able to close out the match and take this one, 15-12. Now Deez Nets remain one of two undefeated teams!