Late Night Sets! (Wednesday’s)


Bumpin’ Uglies


Week Five and only one week remains before we head into the much anticipated in fall playoffs! All of our teams have been fantastic this season and we can’t wait to do it all again soon!


The weather was the best we’ve had this season and teams took full advantage! We don’t think a single team left directly after their game because they all stayed to socialize! Super Anti-Social continued their tradition of grilling, and those that didn’t stick around made their way to the Hangar. As always, teams there had a blast and tonight this evening and it even featured some entertaining inter-team dancing at the Hangar!


On our Super Social side, we had a battle of undefeateds take the court. Our most improved team from last season, Just the Tip, took on the always challenging Super Anti-Social; both teams sit at 4-0. The first set was entirely point-for-point as there was little separation between these two. The first set would end 27-25 titling in Anti-Social’s favor. In the second set, Anti-Social was able to build a small lead and maintain after Tip had committed a few errors. Tip would rally, but it just wasn’t in the cards tonight as they fell 25-20. We now have two undefeated teams remaining, including Super Anti-Social, and they’ll match-up in Week Six!



On our Social side, Bumpin’ Uglies and Awkward Sets played an incredible match. From the get-go, it seemed as if Uglies would run away with this one as Awkward was down a player and seemed discombobulated. They fell in the first set, 25-16. But their missing players arrived by the end of the first set, creating a whole different look for Uglies in the second set. It was another back-and-forth set, but set two went to Awkward to force a pivotal third. In the final set, every spectator was on their edge of their seat as it was an offensive spectacle. There was fantastic placement, good serving and returning, everything you could want in an entertaining sand volleyball game. But there always has to be a winner, and Uglies scraped out the win by the slimmest of margins, 16-14.


Best of luck in the final week to all of our teams!