Life’s a Beach! (Thursday’s)

Practice Safe Sets


Social Team of the Week goes to several teams this week. Players from Practice Safe Sets, Bump Set Drink, That’s What She Set, Team! all stayed late at Factory last night to play on the courts once the games were done (court 1 finished earlier than court 2). What started as a friendly game of 3 vs 3 morphed into a full on 6 v 6 game! All the teams hung out to chat and share a couple of drinks with each other!




Game of the night goes to our super social division in Practice Safe Sets vs Bump Set Drink. Aside from being two of the friendliest teams on Thursday nights, they also have some of our most competitive players! Bump Set Drink set the tone for the first match, with a nail-biter of a win, 25-23. Looking to shut down the first game quickly, they came into the second set with great sets and a great front line but it came down to the wire as Practice Safe Sets battled to push for the third set. Practice Safe Sets got their wish and won, 27-25. The third set was a game of errors and Practice Safe Sets capitalized on every one of them. They carried their momentum into the third set and secured a Week Four win, 15-12.