Messy Sets! (Thursday’s)

Another exciting week as we kick off Week Two of the Summer season out at Factory Of Champions. Social Team of the Week goes to Stirista’s. They hung out late after their game last night at the Hangar to enjoy a win!


Game of the night has to go to Sand Jobs and That’s What She Set:
Off to a rocky start, Sand Jobs just wasn’t able to get their serves over the net or between the lines. That’s What She Set capitalized on their rough beginning and took the first set 25-16. Sand Jobs was able to pull it together and dominated the second set, leading to a final set showdown. They pulled off an early lead and never took their feet off the pedal. Sand Jobs pushed the match to the third set, winning the second set 25-9. The third set was all about Sand Jobs as That’s What She Set just couldn’t pass the ball. Another quick win, Sand Jobs won the game, closing the third set out, 15-7.