Net Gain (Sunday’s)


Social team of the season is Kiss My Ace. They hung out early and stayed late. Soccer Zone is fairly small where the courts are but they usually brought a cheering squad with them and when they were winning, they’d cheer on the other team. Always in a good mood, win or lose.


Last night we wrapped the first summer season of our 4’s league in Live Oak. The playoffs came down to our number 1 ranked team Kiss My Ace and underdog, Netblocks and Chill. Netblocks played a player down last night but they didn’t let this hold them back as they battled through the first round to meet Kiss My Ace in the finals.

This championship game came down to strong serves as Netblocks was able to pull 9 straight points off their serves in the first set. When Kiss My Ace was able to return though, their dominating front line would send strong hits back over the net. Netblocks ability to cover the entire court really helped them as they were able to return most hits and didn’t let up on Kiss My Ace.

Netblocks and Chill was able to close out the championship game, 2 games to 0, for an exciting underdog triumph.