Net, Line and Sinker (Friday’s)


Great competition this evening highlights two games of night.


The first feature match up goes to, Notorious DIG vs. Bumping Uglies.

Notorious DIG started off with a lead but Bumping Uglies found holes in the formation and quickly caught up. Both teams were getting considerably lucky and finding the line on quite a few hits. Towards the end of the first set, the game was point for point, but Bumping Uglies just made a few mistake giving Notorious DIG the first win. Set 2 was another close game, but once Bumping Uglies found their rhythm, they were on an unstoppable roll. Notorious DIG was just unable to save some balls at the net or get under some of the serves. After a timeout, it seemed like they might have slowed down Bumping Uglies, but without prevail, Bumping Uglies came back to end the game with an awesome 14 point lead and pushing them to a game 3. Set 3 was all about Bumping Uglies. Their serves and passes were on point. Notorious DIG was just not able to keep up. It was a quick match with Bumping Uglies taking it 15 – 5.

The second feature match up of the night starred, Ball Busters 2.0 (BB) vs. How I Set Your Mother (HISYM).

BB came out here on fire tonight. They had a strong opening run of up to 10 points before HISYM could come back with a response. HISYM slowly gained some points but the quick returns from BB  were too much for them. BB took set 1, 25 – 10. Set 2, HISYM was able to get some good passes in and they were able to keep up at the beginning. Once BB got on a roll though, there was no stopping them. They had great spikes and awesome saves. BB took the match at 25 – 15, for a strong 2 set victory.