Net Raiders! (Sunday’s)




Week Two kicked off to a chilly start as a rainy day threatened to put a damper on game day. Despite this, our SSC players never allow a bit of gloomy weather to bring down their spirits.



Our Social Team of the Week goes to Aftermath. This team was in high spirits all game long and really made it a point to talk to their opponent, Esquires. The banter between the teams was in good jest and made the game enjoyable for both sides.

Aftermath started off to a strong start as they had a full team and Esquires played a player short. They were able to catch Esquires unprepared and off their game as they sped through the first set to a 25-20 win. Esquires proved to be the come back kids though, as they rallied and pulled together to win the second set, 25-17. Set three was a nail biter as the teams went point for point until a strong serving streak managed to give Esquires the lead and confirm a win in Week Two, 15-10.



The season is still early, but we wish all of our teams the best of luck!