Net Raiders! (Tuesday’s)


Funny Fireballs


Funny Fireballs is our Social Team of the Week, who return for a second season with the same exact team and the same social drive as well. This team stays around and plays with everyone and has a lot of fun doing it.


Sets on the Beach vs Funny Fireballs
Started the night off with two evenly matched teams who have a lot of fun while playing. This was a very long game since both teams went on long rallies and were battling point for point as well. After splitting the first two sets, it came down to which team had more gas left in their tank because they played the whole hour. Funny Fireballs had a little more juice left to take the victory, 2-1.

Talk to the Sand vs How I Set Your Mother
Last game of the night and it was a great one as well. Both teams are veteran teams who play very well and it showed because this was another long and intense game. Both teams won a set, and defense was on the mind of both teams. But regardless of how tough a defense is, sometimes their is just better offense, and both of these teams had stellar offenses tonight. Every effort in the world was made tonight as neither team worked to make sure no ball touched the ground. In the end, How I Set Your Mother took the victory in the third set.
Good luck to all teams, and keep an eye on the SSC Dream Team as they will be the new team to look out for this season.