New Season! (Monday’s)

Week One of a new season of sand volleyball at Mainland Sports Complex is now underway! We have eight teams and after Week One and it seems like there’s going to be a lot of great competition as it looks to be a very evenly matched league! Every match tonight went three sets, so let the fun begin!


Our social highlights are the fun that teams had tonight drinking and socializing. Teams did a great job being social and meeting each other for the first time, then taking that social atmosphere to the next level by playing a number of pickup games with each other. This is looking to be a great season, so keep it up teams!


In the first featured game we had Kiss My Ace use their bumps and spikes to win 2-1 over Aceholes who were digging up sand. The match between We Always Get It Up vs Kerri Walsh was a fun one to watch, but in the end it was Kerri Walsh with the victory 2-1. Spike It Like Its Hot did a great job vs Hit That. They did all the setting and spiking they could think of to win 2-1. In the final match we had We Dig It vs Hit For Brains. It looks like Hit For Brains brings a lot to the league, let’s see if it last the whole season, they won 2-1.

Great start to the season! Please look at schedules next week as we will move game times to 7pm & 8PM. See you next week!