New Season! (Wednesday’s)




What perfect weather to begin another great summer season of sand volleyball at Factory of Champions! The sun was hot, but every team came prepared with adequate hydration: beer. Then also, more beer. All of our teams were fantastic sports and really created a social, fun and positive atmosphere. We look forward to this being a great season! Good luck everyone!


On featured social game of the night sported Bumpin’ Uglies and Awkward Sets. Uglies started off very slow and were unable to find their rhythm in the first set; they would fall, 25-18. But they would step up their defense and improve their communication which would equate to better offense. They took care of set two, 25-13. In the third set, Awkward got off to a hot start, but Uglies didn’t concede. Uglies would come up just short as they seemed to be missing a bit of what they improved upon in set two. We have no doubts that they will pick it up and be a force this season!

On the Super Social side, Block Busters, full from their grilling, took on Set-sy and We Know It. It was competitive from the start and truly looked as if it could go either way. Despite a back-and-forth effort by both teams, Set-sy took the first set by a slim margin, 25-23. Being a returning team knowing how to play when down, Busters returned with an explosive second set. They went on a number of big runs and absolutely put on a show taking set two 25-11. Set-sy would quickly learn resilience and make the third set extremely competitive. It would come down to the team that made less mistakes. That team tonight was Block Busters. It was an incredible game, and so many more tonight were just like it! If this is what we can expect on Wednesday nights, it will be a wild ride!


Beer seems to be the theme of Wednesday nights! Factory features a number of social players that will surely be a blast! Block Busters continued their grilling tradition and made some excellent food! They are always willing to come early, stay late, then make their way over to the Hangar! If you missed us this week, make sure to join us at our sponsor bar, the Hangar, for good times and a Cards Against Humanity tournament!