One Night Sand! (Monday’s)


We Dig It!


Our Social Team of the Week goes out to the entire Monday night league. There are eight teams in this league, and all eight teams have been able to socialize and have a great time playing volleyball. Every week feels like a highlight because of the pickup games that everyone seems to look forward to each night.


Week Five is over and we have three teams at 4-1, Kiss My Ace, Hit For Brains and We Dig It.  All three teams have solid players and they all have a chance to win a championship if they can stay focused and have a great time. Sitting in the fourth spot, we have Spike It Like Its Hot. They are 3-2 and have shown signs of a championship caliber team, but they have to be consistent to take home the banner. Kerri Walsh & We Always Get It Up are both 2-3, and they have played better then their record shows, but they have had their challenges with some of the better teams. Let’s see if they can get a win in Week Six to get them to .500 and find themselves a spot in the playoffs. Hit That is 1-4 and Aceholes are 0-5, and although they have struggled, they have all improved as the players and have had a great time doing it.

Good luck in the final week prior to playoffs and as a reminder the playoffs fall on Halloween, and yes, they are still happening.