Opening Week! (Friday’s)

Notorious DIG


Sand season is back at Mainland! Teams were rocking their St. Paddy’s Day attire and all came out for a great start to the season.



Our first Social Team of the Week is Notorious DIG! This week, they had the opportunity to leave early, but they stuck around to play scrimmage games with a team that had to forfeit! They really embodied the social atmosphere out here tonight!



Our first game featured the free agents of Sand Blasters as they would take on How I Set Your Mother. The Sand Blasters looked pretty impressive to start the season off and already had that mid-season form as they were able to take a 2-0 win to start things off.



Next up we had Spikological Warfare take on Spiked Punch. Spikological Warfare is one of our returning teams, and they looked pretty impressive to start the season. After being down in the first set, they were able to start a comeback and take the first set. Spiked Punch was able to get a lead in the second set and hold onto it, forcing a third set! In the end, the experience of Spikological Warfare was enough to earn them the third set victory. Spiked Punch is another free agent team out here, so look out for them as the season rolls.