Opening Week! (Thursday’s)

Social Team of the Week goes to Sand Jobs. A social team that hangs out late and shows up early, they hung out at the bar last night to celebrate their win and cheers on our Spurs.



Spring II kicked off last night and what a first week it was! Returning teams and new teams showed up to give it their all and hopefully start the season off with a win.

Game of the night goes to Dat Ace Doe vs Team! A surprising game that went on forever, as neither team was willing to give up points. The first set was dominated by long volleys and amazing saves. Team! was able to hold on in the end though to close out the first set, 25-23. The second set found Team! quickly gaining the lead and keeping it for most of the set. Dat Ace Doe was able to earn a few hard fought points but Team! wasn’t looking to push it to a third set and they won the match, 25-15.

Can’t wait to see these teams later in the season!