Playoffs! (Monday’s)


Sets Machine


Monday sand volleyball at Mainland has come to an end and all too soon, everyone out here has been having a great time and the playoffs were just another example of that.


Sand volleyball has been a great social environment all season, all the teams tend to mingle and socialize with each other, its also easy for them to get along as they tend to play pickup games with anyone who is there for sand volleyball.


We had six teams make the playoffs for sand volleyball and it was a great tournament. Sandy Buns took a forfeit and Sets On the Beach advanced due to that forfeit. The Volley Llamas came out playing their best volleyball of the season and upset the #4 seed 2-0. This helped them advance to face the #1 seed, Practice Safe Sets. Sets Machines beat Sets On The Beach 2-0 to make it to the Championship match. This left The Volley Llamas working hard to try to knock off the #1 seed, Practice Safe Sets, but it was not meant to be as they lost 0-2. In the Championship, we had two dynamic teams and in the end we had the #2 seed defeat the #1 seed to take the title. Congrats to Sets Machines for a great volleyball season.


Thank you to all our awesome teams that made this an awesome and memorable season! We look forward to doing it all again soon!