Playoffs! (Sunday’s)

(Please email the league for the championship photo)



The playoffs are here, and boy, has it been an incredible season! We’ve seen heartbreak, we’ve seen joy, but best of all, we’ve seen a ton of people having fun!



Luminous Church 2 vs Heat Beaters
The Championship game came down to these two teams and heat was on, especially the sun! Heat Beaters came out on fire and working very well as a team. Everything just seemed to be going their way, all of their serves were good, their defense was solid, and you can tell they wanted this win bad. Luminous Church 2 tried really hard to keep up with the tempo of the game but the Heat Beaters were to much and took the Championship in two sets.

Congrats to the Heat Beaters and thank all of our fans and spectators for having a great season with us! We look forward to another great season soon!