Quick Bumps! (Wednesday’s)


Just the Tip


Four weeks have past since we started our final sand volleyball season of the calendar. As always, teams made this night special. The absolute coolest part of tonight was one thing that brought everyone together: the opportunity to see history. That history, was the potential for the Chicago Cubs to win a World Series. The reason this is important? Six of our eight teams met to go to the Hangar the games and enjoy this game together.



It was a bit of an odd night as the courts mostly cleared out quickly, with the exception of two teams who stayed to play a pickup game. Otherwise, everyone made their way over to the bar. It was an amazing sight to see so much SSC camaraderie! Cards Against Humanity was put on hold, but no one seemed to be upset. History was to be made tonight, and it’s great the SSC was able to bring so many people together for it!



Our Social Team of the Week is Just the Tip! They’ve struggled this season, but they played a fantastic match against Spazmatic Transplants! Their first set was back and forth the entire time, until the very end when Tip was just able to pull away to take the first set victory, 25-20. Set two was also just as close, and the score ended, 25-19, and Tip took the victory to keep their playoffs hopes alive.



Best of luck to our teams in the final stretch of the season!