Quick Service! (Wednesday’s)

Rehab Dream Team


Week Four is officially in the books, which means we’ve now made it to the final stretch of our first sand volleyball season of the year! As always, booze was flowing and sandy times were happening. Better yet, the party didn’t stop there as teams made their way over to the Hangar following their games, where they were treated to Cards Against Humanity, and the USA’s first WBC win!



This week, we highlight Rehab Dream Team as our Social Team of the Week! A group of SSC vets, they came out and played a great game against a great team, but didn’t let their night end there! They stayed and mixed and matched and played another whole match just for fun!



Tonight, our Social Team of the Week took on the newcomers, Setsy and We Know It. Setsy has had a bit of a rough start, but their improvement thus far in the season has been exponential; they were in for a tough one tonight against a former Wednesday night champion. From the get-go, Setsy looked as if they were going to change the tides on this season. They took an early 4-0 lead, then continued to lead for a majority of the set. Not until a 20-20 tie did it look like it could go either way. Setsy would score two, but they couldn’t match Rehab’s five to take the first set. Rehab looked much more like themselves in the second set as they were able to find their big men and play their usual brand of sand volleyball. They won this one more comfortably, 25-9. But, shout out to both teams for sticking around to play even more sand volleyball!


Opposite them, Fighting Irises and I’d Hit That played a great match. Hit That, our individual team, currently tops the standings as this group of free agents has been a force these first four weeks. Both found ways to make big runs, but Hit That’s runs were just a bit longer. They would take this one 25-16, 25-15.



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