Regular Season Conclusion! (Monday’s)

The regular season has now ended and the playoffs have snuck up on us. It’s been such a fantastic season with every team being extremely social, that we don’t think anyone is ready for this season to end!


As usual, sitting in the #1 spot we have Hit For Brains, who finished the season 5-1 and played very well the entire season. We Dig It is also 5-1 and will most likely be the biggest challenge for any team to face. At 4-2, we have Kiss My Ace. They had a great season and their two losses were close ones, so don’t count these guys out of anything. Then we have three teams at 3-3, Spike It Like Its Hot, Kerri Walsh & We Always Get It Up.  Any of these teams could be the spoiler for our top seeded teams so don’t take them lightly.


Best of luck to all of our teams in the playoffs!