Sand Volleyball Returns to Factory! (Wednesday’s)

Spiked Punch


Sand Volleyball has returned! We usually associate sand with the beach, the sun, etc, but not tonight! A late cold front brought chilly, chilly temperatures! A few elements never deter our Wednesday crowd though, and if we clear that everyone was happy to be back out at Factory! We have a mixture of old and new faces tonight, so this is sure to be another great season!



To get our new season started, our Social Team of the Week has to go to our longest standing SSC vets, Spiked Punch! For the last umpteen seasons, Spiked Punch has been an integral part of Wednesday nights, so it only seems right to make sure we let them know we appreciate their character, attitudes and awesome volleyball skills! As always, they took care of business on the court, then made their way over to the Hangar!



Tonight, our Social Team of the Week took on a familiar opponent, Rehab Dream Team. Rehab, another longtime Wednesday team, made a few roster adjustments this season in hopes of getting over the hump that is Spiked Punch. In the first set, the new rotations seemed to be hurting Rehab’s rhythm as Spiked was able to find holes in the defense. Spiked, thanks to the return of some of their staple players, easily claimed the first set. Not to be outdone and attempting to set the tone for the season, Rehab then made a miraculous comeback in the second set. Spiked, clearly taken aback, had no choice but take this to a third set to determine a winner. The third set was fantastic. Each team had spectators, and those watchers couldn’t have asked for a better early season game. In the end, it was Spiked Punch who would narrowly take this one. We foresee that this won’t be the only time these two see each other this season.



Best of luck to all of our great teams this season, and once again, welcome back everyone!