Block This! (Tuesday’s)

Rock party

Block Party


Social Team of the week was Block Party who came in the game and had a blast and even after the game stayed around and played more with other teams and players.



Ace Inhibitors vs That’s What She Set
We started the night off with two evenly matched teams that were pumped and ready to play. Both teams served the ball very well and the game came down to communication. After splitting the first two sets, we started the third set and both teams came out really strong. They both had some very long rallies and didn’t want to concede or allow a single ball to drop. But in the end, That’s What She Set came out on top.
Block Party vs Talk to the Sand
Our Defending Champions came out and played one of our veteran teams in a great game. Both teams had big hitters and their defensive presence was their as well with a lot of great blocks at the net. Talk to the Sand had the heart but Block Party had the will power to keep attacking and took the victory in two sets.
Good luck to everyone and let’s continue to have a great season!