Sandy Balls! (Thursday’s)


Mita’s Balls


Our Social Team of the Week was Bump Set Chug who had a lot of fun and tailgated the whole night and even ordered pizza from Papa John’s and had a blast.


Safe sets vs Net Raiders
These two teams had a very great game and played very hard. Both teams are consistent and successful setting, bumping and spiking, so this was a great defensive battle. There were some very long rallies going on and both teams fought for every loose ball. Net Raiders went on a run and never looked back and took the victory in two sets.


Mita’s Balls vs Sandstorm
This was another very exciting game that came down to the wire! Both teams hustled and never gave up on any play. Mita’s Balls communicated very well and Sandstorm had some very greats serves. After splitting the first two sets, the third went point for point. With the scored tied 14-14, Mita’s Balls buckled down and got the last two points for the victory.

Good luck to everyone and let’s have a great rest of the season!