Sandy Balls! (Tuesday’s)

Social Team of the week was Block Party our defending Champions showed why they are the defending Champs and had a lot of fun doing it!


Sand Blasters vs That’s What She Set
We started the night off with two great social teams who have been doing very well this season. Both teams are newer teams, but put in the hard work to get their teams up and ready. This game was a battle from start to finish. Sand Blasters jumped out into a early lead and looked as if they away with the points but That’s What She Set stuck around and rallied back into the game in both sets. Sand Blasters lead was to much and they took the victory in two sets.

The Real That’s What She Set vs Ace Inhibitors
This was another great game to watch, both teams were super social and had some funny moments during the game they had both teams cracking up and having a great time. One girl from Ace Inhibitors just wanted to keep diving for the ball even when the play was over or not even near her. The Real That’s What She Set had a conversation with each other during a very long rally. Both teams were having fun the whole time laughing and joking that the score of the game didn’t matter because they were just having fun. In the end, The Real That’s What She Set took the victory in two sets.


Good luck to everyone and let’s continue to have a great season!