SASSC Social Team of the Month! (Wednesday’s)


Spiked Punch


Week Two! Sun goes down and drinks come out on Wednesday night. The grills made a brief appearance, but we are sure they will return next week, and hopefully for the rest of the season!



New to San Antonio Sports and Social Club is the new Social Team of the Month! This award is given to one team from the entire league, not just their sport! This month, we are happy to present the award to a long time veteran team and group of partiers, Spiked Punch! Thanks to our friends at Bud Light, they’ll be comped a free case of Bud Light! Congratulations!



Tonight we feature new comer team, TRE Attack Pack. With their experience together limited, they would face a tall task against defending champs, Spiked Punch. Given the dynamics of the game, the first set finished as one might expect, a Spiked victory by a score of 25-12. But this TRE Pack is something special, and they are very resilient. In a surprising turn of events, they came together and delivered their own punch to Spiked in the second set and took it 25-22! In the third though, experience would prevail and Spiked would take the victory, 15-10.



Make sure to join us each and every week following the night’s games at the Hangar! Best of luck to all of our teams!