Sets in The Sand! (Tuesday’s)



Notorious DIG


Week two of Thursday sand volleyball at Soccer Zone entertained us with some exciting competition. With some early practice prior to the game Who’s Next found their groove early against Aftermath jumping out to a wide lead before Aftermath was able to provide any significant response. Despite the response, Who’s Next kept Aftermath at arm’s length to take the first set. In the second set some adjustments in the lineup enabled Aftermath to jump out of the gate to create a slim lead only to lose it late to Who’s Next who kept chipping away until they were able to capture the lead late and didn’t relinquish it, taking the match in two straight sets.

Game two saw Practice Safe Sets going at Notorious DIG eager to hit the sand. Right away Notorious DIG grabbed an early lead only to see Practice Safe Sets battle back at the early lead. Try as they might, Practice Safe Sets could not make the big push to take the lead. They loss the first set and pushed Notorious DIG to the limit in the second set but it was not enough falling in two straight to Notorious DIG. Thus bringing an end to week two. Teams will look to get the upper hand next week as week three promises to bring thrills and chills to the sand.


Factory of Champions

That Ace Thou (1)

Dat Ace Doe


Social team of the week was Dat Ace Tho who came out ready to play and have a good time.


Dat Ace Tho and Here for Beer was a very fun game, both teams had lots of smiles and laughs during the game. Dat Ace Tho came out serving very well and Here for Beer couldn’t recovery and went down fighting in two sets.

That’s What She Set and Pop Pop was a very good game as well. Both teams bump, set and spike the ball very well and have very rock solid defense. Pop’s communication with each other sealed their victory two sets.

The Ace Cadets against No Diggity was the last game of the night and it was a good one. Both teams were having a blast but also were hustling for every loose ball they could get. Both teams had good communications and positive team spirit but in the end No Diggity took the victory in two sets.

Good luck to everyone in our last few weeks!