Sun’s Out, Guns Out (Wednesday’s)


It’s Week Three! The motto for this season must be sun’s out, guns out as most shirts seem to have lost their sleeves by this point in the season. We had some fantastic games that really kept the audience on the edge of their seat. As always, teams finished out the night at the Hangar! If you missed us this week, make sure to join us there next Wednesday night!


Our Social Team of the Week is Bump, Set, Covfefe! Their name does earn them some style points, and they are a veteran team who always adds to the social environment. Win or lose, they booze, they laugh and have a great time doing it.


This evening, our Social Team of the Week took on an undefeated opponent in Hit It and Quit It. Hit It and Quit It is also a veteran team who typically finds themselves deep in the playoffs. Hit It and Quit It did what they do best which is find open front row attackers. While Covfefe displayed some impressive defensive plays, they couldn’t match Hit It and Quit It in a close two game set.


Opposite them, Spiked Punch and Net Raiders was another fantastic game. Spiked Punch looked to set the tone early by taking the first set and winning by a commanding 14 points, 25-11. But don’t count out Net Raiders, they roared back to take the second set, 25-20. The third set was back and forth and really could have gone either way. Late mistakes was the dagger for Net Raiders, as they fell 15-10.