That’s How We Set Your Mother! (Thursday’s)

rough sets (1)

Rough Sets


Rough Sets vs Stirista
Started the night off with these two very social teams and they came out with smiles and laughs from the start. Rough Sets had a positive attitude the whole game and continued to cheer each other on no matter what the score was. Stirista came out on fire and took the game over from the start but I love how Rough Sets keep their positive vibe even thou they lost in two sets.


Strike Force vs Net Raiders
This game started off as a battle and stayed close the whole time. Both teams attacked the ball and battled for every lose ball on the court. After splitting the first two very close sets, Net Raiders buckled down and started playing their veteran style ball that they are very great at, but Strike Force’s defense and great serves put them over the top and they took the victory in the third set.


Pop Pop vs I’d Hit That
Our last game of the night was the best game of the night. Pop Pop came out doing what Pop Pop does with their bump, set, spike along with their big blockers at the net and really made I’d Hit do anything they could to defend their attack. But I’d Hit that is very scrappy and they hustle for every ball and never give up on any play. Both teams split the first two sets and set three started in very exciting fashion as both teams yelled and pumped each other up as much as possible after every point. I’d Hit That had Pop Pop’s number and took them down in the third and shocked everyone watching.

Good Luck to everyone and lets continue to have a good season.