Week 1! (Friday’s)

Bumping uglies

Bumpin’ Uglies


Our Social team of the week is Bumping Uglies who is one of our veteran teams from last season who are always happy and have cheerleaders on the sidelines that keep them happy and focused.



Our featured match this evening was Bumpin’ Uglies and Notorious D.I.G. This was a great game for the first game of the season. Notorious D.I.G. came with about a 11 player roster and came ready to play and was very social and a fun group to be around. Both teams were very social and keep the game very fun and playful at all times. ¬†Bumping Uglies a veteran team had their communication and offense attack already set up and going strong and Notorious D.I.G couldn’t recover from that but played a very good game.

Good luck to everyone and lets have a great season.