Week One! (Wednesday’s)


Blocks, Beaches and Battlestar Galactica


The final sand volleyball season of the calendar year has (sadly) approached, but we have nine great teams out to finish the year right! The weather was mild, but the booze was cold with no shortage. We have a great mixture of returners and newcomers, so the dynamic and atmosphere should be great!



Beer, sand volleyball and cool weather? That equals a perfect Texas night in our book! With fewer games, that means more time to head over to the Hangar for Cards Against Humanity! If you missed us this week, make sure to join us next week following the games!



Our first featured game of the night was between the Volley Llamas and the Spazmatic Transplants. The Llamas came out early determined to start their season off on the right foot. They took the early set one lead, and maintained momentum until the 25th point. Spazmatic, a veteran team but with a few new faces, recouped and made a competitive second set. The game was neck in neck until the 20-19 mark when the Llamas would finally be able to pull away to seal the match. Final in set two was 25-20.

On our other court, Bump, Set, Chug took on returners Blocks, Beaches and Battlestar Galactica. Battlestar was on the second half of a back-to-back that went all the way to 17-16, so fatigue was surely going to look to be a factor. Battlestar fell just short in that match, so they would look to come out with a vengeance in their second effort. They took what looked to be a commanding first set lead as they were up 19-9 at one point. But, Chug has a number of veterans and they rallied all the way back to win 25-23! By the second set, the grind of the night was setting in, and Chug captured the second set with a little more breathing room, 25-19. Battlestar played fantastic volleyball tonight and truly deserve an honorable mention.