Windy Sets! (Wednesday’s)

We’ve now completed a second great week out at Factory of Champions. Though it’s usually the rain that we have to worry about with Mother Nature, tonight she threw a curveball and gave us an unbelievable amount of wind! She spared us of the storm, but the new element added a unique dynamic tonight!



Our Social Team of the Week tonight is How I Set Your Mother! Familiar faces to the SSC family, but returning from their winter hibernation, they wasted no time bringing out the grills! Despite their 9pm first serve, Mother was here before 7pm to get everything running!



Tonight, the Social Team of the Week took on the always tough, Spiked Punch. In what many thought could be a championship game preview, the game lived up to those thoughts. The difference in not only this but every game tonight, was the howling wind. Side was more important than serve tonight. Attempting to play into the wind was nearly impossible, and Mother got the better side to start the match. Combine that with some solid, bump, set spike, and you have yourself a first set victory, 25-22. However, once the sides were switched, it was Mother who then had trouble and Spiked the advantage. Spiked would take it 25-21. Set three it is! This set would be point for point the entire way. The wind had picked up so much, that it was now a struggle for both sides. Any ball popped up flew, or when it hit the ground, it rolled, and rolled (all the way to the fence once). This set obviously required a game plan by both sides, so it became a game of fewer errors. This one fell in Spiked’s favor tonight in a very close, 15-13 victory.