Back in Action! (Sunday’s)

Tony Martinez


Softball is back at Tony Martinez! Our summer season got off to a hot start for some of our teams! For all of our returning players, thanks for coming out to endure the “awesome” weather; glad to see you back! And for all of our new players: Welcome to Tony Martinez! We are glad to have you!


Our first game of the season put the Purple (but really grey) Cobras up against the league clowns of Hold My D. Hold My D got off to a solid start this season, making some solid defensive plays by everyone but their first baseman. They were able to get the bats swinging pretty well also and would breeze to a 7 to 2 victory over the Cobras.


Round two of Week One featured some of our new teams here at Tony Martinez. Here 4 Da Beer would take on Kohl’s Crew. This game started off slow with neither team able to take advantage of their situations. The beer finally kicked in for Here and they were able to get things rolling. They would take this one by a final of 14 to 6.


Next up we had the Dirtyballers take on the Tanks. The Tanks looked good from the start and were able to get the job done in their Week 1 return to TM by a score of 8 to 1.


Next up we had Thunderstruck take on WiiNotFit. Thunderstruck is looking to bounce back from their playoff defeat last season after going undefeated in the regular season. WiiNotFit was able to jump out to a one run lead, but Thunderstruck would have the final say as they were the home team. They were able to get runners in scoring position and they were able to find a gap in the outfield. They would win their first game of the season by a score of 7 to 6.


Our next game put the Ice Cold Pitchers up against the Designated Drinkers. The Drinkers were finally able to get a pitcher this season and got off to a solid start. Even the bats were swinging with precision! In the end, they would walk off the field with a 10 to 5 victory.
Next match featured Team Turn Up as they looked to turn things up against Chingo Hits. Thanks to some solid base running and some great ball placement, they were able to breeze out of week one with a win; final was 15 to 6.
In our final match of the evening, we had the battle for the prime squad. Bomb Squad would look for a week one victory against the Suicide Squad. Bomb Squad were able to get things started off the right way, finding all the holes in the outfield and were making some great defensive stands. They would take the match by a score of 15 to 5.
Thanks for everyone who came out this week! We look forward to another awesome season out here at TM! Don’t forget: Next week is America week so no games! Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!



Rusty Lyons


It was a great start to another season of Sunday Softball which had many known teams come back to claim a championship this season. With great weather, many teams had big hits and defensive stops to lead them to victory. Very known team, Pitch You Be Trippin’, came out swinging and are looking like the team to beat as they had a big win over Ice Cold Pitchers with a 15-1 victory.



One Team, One Bed has also come back just where they left off last season with great swingers and amazing defense as they rolled into victory defeating Big Sticks 15-5. One Team, One Bed will also be fighting for another championship, but they likely won’t find an easy road to it with many teams coming out with some sluggers and awesome defense as well.



Summer season is just taking off and we have great games coming up. So bring your ice chest out there and cool off with a beverage and great softball games! See you next week!