Midway Point (Friday’s)

Week Three is here at Rusty Lyons! As we approach the halfway mark in the season, teams were out looking to leave their mark on the first half of the season.

Our first game of the season put the Bad News Beers against All Bucked Up. This game was back and forth the whole way and was a lot of fun! In the end, All Bucked up were able to get the win, bringing in one run in their final at-bat to seal the victory. Final score was 11 to 10.

Next up we had the Trojans take on the Ice Cold Pitchers. Trojans came out swinging this game! They were able to find the gaps in the defense and use their speed to take advantage. They would cruise to an 11 to 6 win.

Next up we had the free agents of Softballs and Hardsticks take on Mcglovins. Mcglovins were a force to be reckoned with today. They were making some solid plays on the defensive side of the game and their bats were doing the same. They would cruise to a 14 to 7 victory.

Our next game put All Bucked Up against the Bonverse Briminals. Bonverse Briminals got off to a hot start, but once All Bucked Up got warmed up; they would gain the lead and not let it go. The final score was 6 to 4.



Our last game of the night put Sons of Pitches up against Pitches Be Crazy. Sons of Pitches got off to a solid start, bringing in five runs in the first inning all while holding Pitches Be Crazy off of the scoreboard. Thanks to some sneaky base running, Sons of Pitches were able to sneak in a few extra runs before all was said and done, as they were able to cruise to an 8 to 2 victory.