All Star Batters! (Sunday’s)

Tony Martinez

Team Turn Up


Welcome back! After a string of bad weather, the sun finally decided to appear and the fields decided to be decent as we were able to get Week Four rolling, and what a week it was! We had a few upsets throughout the day which stirred up the top four a little bit!


Our first game put We Do the Sports up against Ice Cold Pitchers. ICP looked like the ICP of old as they were able to hold We Do the Sports off of the scoreboard. They were able to bring in six of their own runs in while showing a great example of how to play defense. Final score was 6 to 0.


Next Up we had I’d Hit That look to continue their hot streak against the Alcoballics. The Alcoballics came out swinging today and jumped out to an early lead in the first few innings. Their defense was also extremely solid as they were able to limit the fireworks of I’d Hit That to a pretty quiet afternoon. I’d Hit That were down four in their final at bat, but were only able to bring in half that amount. They would fall to the Alcoballics by a score of 11 to 9.


Next up we had the Whack Attack take on Beers and Pitches! This was a great game to watch as both teams were back and forth the entire way. The score was tied at two entering the final inning. Whack Attack had the home side and they were able to keep Beers and Pitches off of the scoreboard. With two outs and a runner on second, they were able to find a gap in the outfield and bring that runner in from second to seal the victory in walk off fashion. Final score was 3-2 in favor of Whack Attack.


Next up was the match-up of the day. The undefeated squad of Hold My D would take on Team Turn Up. Hold My D was on the hunt for the win as it would give them the number one spot entering the closing weeks of the season. Team Turn up would strike first, bringing in two runs in the first two innings while holding Hold My D to one. Team Turn Up would add two more, but you can never quite count out Hold My D. They were able to bring in three runs in the bottom of the fourth and get the lead entering the last inning. Down one, Team Turn up was able to take the lead back by bringing in two runs of their own. Hold My D entered last bat needing one run to tie it up; but were unable to find it. They would fall to Team Turn Up by a score of 5-4.


Our last game of the day featured Tanks and Plan B. Tanks got off to a hot start, scoring 9 in their first two AB’s. They were able to keep Plan B fairly quiet on the scoreboard, as they would only allow 4 runs throughout the game. Final score of this one was 10 to 4 in favor of the Tanks.



Rusty Lyons

Damn Champions SBE


It was a great Sunday for softball at Rusty Lyons as many teams brought their A-game and booze out to the diamond. To get things started, In the Social Divison, we still got Damn Champions leading the way as they were able to defeat Here 4 da Beer 14-5. One Team, One Bed is right behind them as they had a very good game against Master Batters as they were able to pull the win with a 9-6 victory.




In the Super Social Division we had a great game between Smokin Bases against Pitches Be Crazy which the most part of the game Smokin Bases had a major lead over Pitches Be Crazy. Smoking bases had a 12-6 lead going into the final inning but Pitches Be Crazy known to be the comeback team almost every game they were able to do it again. Pitches Be Crazy were able to make a run with a six runs but the game ran out of time that the game ended in a tie 12-12.



We are going into the final stretch of the season and should be a very interesting ending as many teams are fighting for the final playoff spot! Best of luck to all our great teams!